Hippie or Up cycled Chic!

A visit to the Museum of Fine Arts brought a rich treasure of inspiration. Including the main statue wearing a Red Sox shirt! Boston Strong!

The Hippie Chic exhibit at the MFA was not only inspiring but validated our designs in the form of east west fusion that was going on in the 60s and 70s. 

It seems like fashion has come full circle in these decades

The kind of clothing and aesthetic that was popular during the hippie phase is back and more main stream now with fusion fashions like our designs.

Our designs are a fusion of Indian and eastern fabrics in western designs and silhouettes and the designs below use the same principals.

Our next show is at MIT Trashion show on Dec 6th. Hope to see you there. Meanwhile, wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

Here's to Hippie or Up cycled Chic!

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