Thanksgiving and the Holidays are here!

November brought Diwali celebrations and we are ending with Thanksgiving. What a festive month! We have not stopped feasting and our love affair with various cuisines and cooking continues! Designers like to garden, cook the bounty that nature provides and then serve it beautifully. Then came photographs of the food, the table, the people and the drinks! It is all part of the lifestyle that we are trying to create with our clothing. Who is wearing our fashions, where are they wearing them and what are they eating and drinking? Or, which new and trendy restaurant or gala were they seen at?
So send us pics of you in our fashions, about town. We love to receive them. If you want to be on the blog, let us know!

In November we dressed Sorboni Banerjee Holbrook of channel 7 news for the American Indian Foundation gala. She looked smashing in the beaded LBD - adding a picture. We will be at the Hastings Marketplace and Agape International's fundraiser.

Giving locally for a gloabl impact. There are a family of turkeys roaming around in our backyard (wild, but for how long?) Could Thanksgiving be far behind? We are planning on cooking and eating a feast with my brother's family.

Our local farms this year, Wilson Farms and others are stocking all things grown within a 50 mile radius, what a treat! A recent meal at Sel Della Terre offered a three course meal called the "Locavore". Every bite was exquisite! So here's to being eco-friendly, organic, fuel saving, eating and buying locally and supporting our local businesses during this holiday season!

AIF Fundraiser event- donated fashions for their auction and the MC Sorboni was wearing the beaded LBD!

Happy Holidays!

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