January in Snowy Boston, Happy 2011!

As I look out of our windows this morning, our world in enveloped in a white blanket of snow. The wind is blowing everything around and it is a state of emergency type blizzard out there. Nobody seems to be venturing out today. I wish for warm skies, flowers, Spring and color!

But it is the dead of a very cold winter in New England. I decided to include a lot of colorful pictures of flowers that have been photographed either in our garden or during our travels. They might inspire us all to feel happy, colorful and green and chase away those winter blues!

Our NEAC trade show in January went well. We will be selling our designs to other boutiques this year, so you might find a Shubrah label coming to a store near you, very soon! On Jan 20th, Thursday at 10 p.m, we will be showing our designs at the Liberty hotel in Boston.

If you are thinking of a girl's night out or a date night, this is the perfect venue! Great music, cool drinks, some trendy apps ( I mean the food kind) and our eco-friendly fashions, of course! Think green- local design, local celebs and local venue!

Keep warm, drink a lot of hot chocolate and go sledding! Whatever your new year's resolution may be, try to find some time for yourself. Whether it's taking a long walk (more like snow shoeing in this part of the world) or learning a new language or going to the gym everyday.

It is time to slow down that crazy pace and watch a favorite movie or cook a new dish! On that note, during the holidays I watched an old favorite film that seemed very new in 2011.

It is "The Party" with Peter Sellers as an Indian movie actor in Hollywood. The sets are outstanding, love the architecture, clothing and fun lines in the film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db12hofxvhI&feature=fvst
If you have not seen the movie, included is a link.

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