June'11- father's day, graduations and school's out!

When did the spring morph into summer- complete with tornadoes (in MA?!) and thunder storms?

In June, when the weather turns warm, flowers bloom and summer suddenly bursts upon our northern state, it's father's day and schools are out! Time for weddings, graduations and celebrating the men who raised you or are standing by you everyday for the children. As the children grow (like weeds- very aptly - in this season) we also marvel at the toddlers we knew, who are now confident men and women going on to college and beyond. Our Shiv-er collection of 100% silk shirts and cufflinks are a perfect way to say, "thank you" to that special man, mentor, father, husband or grandfather this month!

Graduations galore and amazing desserts at Avila, Boston

Thunderstorms and tornadoes....summer is here for sure!

Flowers donated by Sreemoti for the May Trunk show and Sale. The old gramophone was an anniversary gift from my parents, 21 years ago! The antique still works!

Lily of the Valley and pottery by Misshree

I had the honor of seeing a few young women graduate high school and college, in May. They chose to wear Shubrah.com dresses for these huge milestones in their lives. The "Garden party dress" and the "Kala phool dress" were the chosen styles. Recently, a young bride to be (wedding in August) bought some of the recycled cotton sari dresses for her honeymoon. A big "thank you" goes out to all the friends, family and Shubrah.com clients who came to the May trunk show and made it a success. We were able to donate 10% of the sales to Lexington Education Foundation, to further their amazing work in our public schools.

Art and technology- inspiration from the MIT Media Lab building

Our designs for the wedding in July are almost complete. We are excited to see the final designs take shape and create a vision for the outdoor garden venue! We will add some pictures to the blog in July once Todd and Jenn are married. Meanwhile, Laselle college - Polished magazine - did a great spread of our designs in an eco-friendly issue in April/May. We are adding some pictures of the article.

Have a wonderful summer, with many occasions to celebrate being "green", watching the children play and grow along with the flowers in the garden!

Photo spread in Polished Magazine that Photographer Oliver Klink and Laselle College's fashion dept did of Shubrah eco-friendly designs.

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