Remembering 2009 with

As I mull over the year that was 2009, there were highlights for and also some wonderful moments for me, personally. Recently, a customer who ordered our red girl's dress from the Misshree line called me. She is from the UK and has been living in New York, recently. Her daughter was going to her first school dance and when the red dress arrived, it fitted her like a glove! She looked beautiful in it and I was so happy to receive this phone call out of the blue! It made my day. We have celebrated a year in business now. A year of tremendous ups and downs in this dismal economy. But, a phone call or an e-mail from a happy customer is all it takes to make us want to run out and create another wonderful collection! So keep you feed back coming.

We are thinking of creative ways of stretching a very small marketing budget with e-mailed newsletters, facebook, twitter, linkedin, the blog and of course, our wonderful website. So visit us often, read the blog, spread the word by becoming a fan on our facebook page and forwarding our newsletter to friends. We don't believe in cluttering your inbox or using paper to fill your mailbox, so anything you do to spread the word, counts for us! If you have a great tip for us, send it along. We are happy to hear from you anytime!

We pray for peace, a greener and gentler world in 2010. We wish for more time to pursue what we love to do. It may be traveling safely to loved ones during this holiday season or sharing a locally sourced meal with our family. We hope that 2010 brings harmony, peace, joy and eco-friendly-ness to you.
Onwards in search of the "new" spice route this week....exotic silks, sheer organic cottons, bewitching gems, aromatic spices, marigolds and jasmine, all beckon to be hunted and gathered! Happy Holidays from!

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