Spring in Delhi

March was a month of very cold temperatures in Boston and a very late burst of final snow (we hope) on April 1st! Delhi was warm and the flowers were in full bloom everywhere. We played Holi- the festival of spring with dry and wet colors. Water guns and balloons filled with colored water are essential tools to celebrate this fun festival. The latest in Delhi are these organic colors, created with petals of flowers and herbs, to be less harmful to your skin and complexion than the chemical colors usually used. Back to the basics. How fabulous is that? I have added some
pictures of the brand that we used while playing Holi.

The eco-colors that my friend graphic designer Priya Verma used were all organic and
made from flowers and herbs.

Up next - places to eat, be seen and see in Delhi. Cricket fever was on in full swing when I landed there. The World Cup championships were on. The way the urban young watch cricket in India now is to go to the local mall with their friends. The big screens (by which I mean giant) are up every where- outdoors, in restaurants, etc. Everyone eats, drinks, mingles, watches the match and then goes home to sleep. The malls are packed and they make money! A novel concept?

Holi decorations at the Leela kitchen area

Had a wonderful fusion south east Asian meal at the Leela in Gurgaon with some girlfriends. Olive in Mehrauli is an old farmhouse, white washed stucco European-ish venue with Italian food. The venue is gorgeous, the band was fabulous, all male, new age rock - I did not get their name. The weather was just perfect for an outdoor meal under the great big banyan tree in the courtyard. My all time favorite meeting place is the Hyatt Regency - Coffee shop and the Spa. Business meetings, casual lunches, going to the spa...just wonderful. I took my mother for a facial there- my gift to her for her birthday (which is always around Mother's day) and she loved it. She took me to the Habitat center, where she often goes to see shows and plays. Her interest in the arts, movies, books, plays and music is inspiring and infectious!

Wine selection is great at the Leela

Glass lighting at the Leela

Flowers at the Hyatt lobby

Lexington education foundation dinner

Olive - Delhi

Spring Gardens

Today the sun is shining and there is some warmth in the air....could Spring finally be here? So what are we doing about updating our wardrobes? Looking forward to dressing our bride and her groom this month and fitting them up. I will be posting pictures after their wedding in July, so reading the blog for further updates. Meanwhile, don't forget to watch the Royal wedding this month, to see what she will be wearing!

We have some wonderful recycled cotton sari dresses at Shubrah.com as well as all our light as air silk chiffon cover ups and dresses for the beach. If you are looking for some snazzy striped shirts for the man in your life, look no further. Time to shop!

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