May celebrations and trunk show and sale

Our travels took us to Florida in April. Spring break seemed to be the perfect time to visit the parks and beaches in Florida. Other than some very irritating experiences with Jetblue, it was a wonderful week of food, fashions, festivities, sun, sand and all things Floridian. First of all, the JetBlue flight was three hours late leaving Boston, so we arrive at 3 a.m in the morning in Palm Beach to find my carefully packed suitcase missing! Yes, everyone else had their bags, mine was missing! Apparently it decided to take a flight to LAX by itself. But being the person that I am, I had some of my recycled cotton sari dresses and organic cotton tees in my carry on. We went for a splendid brunch to the Breakers in Palm Beach without feeling that I needed to take down the curtains in my brother in law's apartment and make myself a quick sarong!

Raw bar at the famed Circle brunch at The Breakers on Sundays!

Painted ceilings and ancient chandeliers

Harry Potter's world in Orlando

What can I say about the weather in Florida this time of year? Millions of flowers, 80 degrees and perfect sunny days. All week! We then drove to the famed Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, which my children were waiting to visit. As usual, an amazing experience. Which could not be dampened by the long lines, as every Tom, Dick and Harry (pardon the pun) was there for the break from the cold in our northern states. We pretended to be Hermione, Harry, Ron and searched for wands, wizards and witchcraft for a couple of days. Meanwhile, my suitcase was missing in action for two days in a row, having being seen leaving LAX for NYC (yes, it likes the fashion hotspots). JetBlue told me that I could get $25.0 per day. Where can one buy a set of clothing, underwear, toiletries and sensible shoes for that amount? While we were dealing with my missing luggage situation, a newspaper article highlighted a bill that might be passed soon where airlines will need to compensate passengers for missing baggage to the full amount! Amen to that! Finally, my suitcase arrived on the third day, after many phone calls to the airline. We drove to Palm Beach the next morning for a much needed vacation of sun, sand, people watching and eating amazing meals!

The singing frogs in Harry's world!

Hermione's dress in the dressmaker's shop at HP world!

Ready to take the Hogwarts Express to the world of wizards?

The Breakers in Palm Beach is a grand, old, turn of the century vacation spot on the beach. Amazing pools, places to eat and plenty of shopping there or on nearby Worth Avenue. We sampled wonderful seafood, fruits, Asian fusion, Italian and American bistro cuisine. As a family, we like to eat, swim and then dress up for dinner to eat some more, while on vacation! The staff are warm and friendly, the resort was completely full due to Spring break, Easter and weddings. We caught a glimpse of some of the beautiful ceremonies planned outdoors and indoors. And of course, always included in this blog are pictures of the amazing flora and food!

Palm Beach and a white Rolls!

Interiors at the Breakers- books to inspire!

Florida beaches

Gardens and sunsets

Beaches and music!

Gorgeous flowers

Wedding preparations at the Breakers

ZZ Top look alike Band in City Place

Our annual May trunk show and sale is being planned for May 20th to May 23rd. Come and shop and support this local business and we will donate 10% of the sales to the Lexington Education Foundation, the wonderful non- profit organization that supports the Lexington Public Schools. Hope to see you all at the sale or you can shop online! Happy May, Mother's Day, graduations, weddings celebs and the return of warm weather!

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