End of summer and back to school!

Pottery pieces by my daughter Shreeya and her friend Alisha, to commemorate our dog!

As we savor the last lazy week of summer before schools and colleges start, we are already planning for all the events in the fall. The last blooms of summer are almost gone, our dog Shadow is now 3 months old. Being a Portuguese water dog, he loves the water. Any body of water...his bowl, a tub or a lake are equally attractive to him at this stage! Including some photos of blooms and our dog! On the creative front, our daughter has been making some pottery to commemorate Shadow's arrival into our family. The ceramic bone with his name on it has found a place on the shelf. We are now also on Pinterest and Polyvore, so check out our pins and mood boards.

Give the dog a bone! Ceramic bone made by my daughter for her dog! 
Shadow- our three month old puppy, keeping us all busy as we gear up for the fall! 
Do you have a tennis ball or a treat?
The lake on the Cape and our Portuguese Water dog, Shadow who loves the water! 
Bridal fashions continue to challenge our creativity. Be it via new bridesmaids dress designs or finding saris to recycle and match the colors that we have dreamed up along with the bride for her special day! Included are some pictures of sketches to final fabrics and styles of projects we have recently done. 

Sketches for bridesmaids' dress in peacock blue silk and antique gold borders. 
Bridesmaids dresses - sketches and fabrics from a wedding in August. 

Halter dress for bridesmaids
Antique border detail on bridesmaids dresses. 
Labor day weekend will pass by in a flash and we will be in the midst of Boston Fashion week ( Sept 27th to 30th) and Lexington's Fashion Revue (Oct 27th). We look forward to working with our friends in Lexington for the 300th Anniversary of our town to create a fashion show that reviews decades of clothing. It is so exciting to be able to touch and feel vintage fashions from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's, the details and work is wonderful! 

Working with vintage dresses for the 300th Anniversary Fashion Revue in Lexington! These dresses are amazing!
Enjoy the last few days of summer, keeping the thunderstorms at bay and wishing for sunshine along the way!

Creative centerpieces are the new rage for weddings and summer parties. Here some cool bases and colorful orchids do the trick!
Black eyed Susans, orange lilies and mint flowers from the garden! The last blooms of the summer. 
Last days of summer!

A gorgeous backyard summer party at a friend's house where she created these beautiful flower and floating candle center pieces.

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