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A TV appearance in December on Fox 25 News was all about being frugal and revamping a summer wardrobe and bringing it forward for winter weather. We are all about less waste and more recycling in our designs.

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Following up on the conversation on Fox TV news with Sorboni Banerjee about how to winterize a summer wardrobe, here are the pictures from that segment. Outfit #1- take a much loved summer dress. View this dress.
Add a silk and wool scarf for those chilly New England days. View this scarf.
Top off the dress with a fun color for winter. Nothing too summery. Here a rich peacock blue works with the black and off white combo. View this jacket.
Let's talk about white pants! In New England, there used to be a fashion rule. No white pants/ skirts or shoes after Labor Day weekend. Well, there are those of us who get to vacation in warm places in February or March! What can you wear? For both cold and dreary Boston or an exotic locale, we would suggest " winter white" pants. Creamy white with a yellower or a pinkish tint to them. They should be lined. Add a scarf, a lightweight jacket and some darker colored shoes and it can work anywhere! View this jacket.
How do you wear your favorite summer blouse in the dead of a snowy winter? First, find a great layering piece. In this case, we took a fabulous silk organza ruffle blouse and added a peach color recycle cotton camisole under it. Any tank would do. View this blouse.
Add a wool skirt or pant that is in an interesting textured fabric like herringbone tweed or even a muted plaid or check.
Voila! A great winter outfit when you add a pair of knee length boots and a jacket.
Take a favorite summer dress. Not in bright neon yellow, but a muted turmeric and purple combination like this recycled sari dress.
Add stretchy Jeggings or Leggings, and fun color coordinated scarf. Mix it up with ankle boots and a long cardigan - you are winter ready! View this scarf.
Lastly, a night out on the town, but what to wear to work? Layer a pretty black and silver embroidered silk top over a full skirt. View this blouse.
Add a dark jacket or cardigan 
Cover the blouse with a silk scarf and work all day. Off with the cardigan and scarf when you are out at a restaurant for dinner.
Some of us enjoy car rides and the wind, no matter what the weather! 

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