V-day and February Break

Being committed to your local environment is becoming more and more important in our hyper connected world today. By volunteering or growing organic produce, composting or only buying local, we can show our support for our town, our village, our city and our neighbors.

Shubrah.com is always looking for ways to give back to our town (Lexington, MA) or our city, Boston or the greater state of MA! We are expanding to our local fashion colleges and will be featured in Laselle's fashion magazine in Spring 2011. In a few weeks our fashions will be on another locally grown site by two HBS ladies-www.fashionstake.com and you can also find us in boutiques in the area! So how are we giving back? Being a member of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce, I will be speaking a women's business forum about our homegrown business. Further, volunteering for local school events and donating fashions to fundraisers has always been close to the heart of this business. Lastly, recycling, reusing, creating eco-friendly and organic fashions and keeping our environmental footprint to the minimum!

Our events in January were well attended. The fashion show at the Liberty Hotel in Boston was a fun filled event, videos are on youtube and we are adding a lot of photos for you to look at! Local celebrity news anchor- Sorboni Banerjee Holbrook was there with a bunch of her lovely friends, all in Shubrah.com dresses we might add, to cheer us on! Meaghan Cassidy, our wonderful website model helped our sales and marketing efforts! A big thank you to all our local friends and supporters who made it to the show on a cold, wintery night! We are happy to have another bride, her maid of honor and her groom to dress for a special outdoor wedding this summer! Warm summer colors are part of her palette and she is very excited about recycling silk saris for the custom designs! We are happy to be hunting, gathering, designing and getting ready to launch some great new scarf designs and other beautiful fashions for our site. So stay tuned! In the meantime, stay warm, celebrate V-day with Shubrah.com and think of fabulous vacations or stay-cations you can take! For the pictures of the show, thanks to the wonderful models from Dynasty and photographer Jan 'Archee' Bloch from Eric R. Guaster photos; great job.

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