X'mas / New Year's with Shubrah

As the year winds down and 2011 comes to a close, we are celebrating in various ways. By giving to our family, friends, teachers, neighbors and community. By giving gifts that bring happiness to all. May the new year bring peace to the world we live in. Hope we all find happiness and prosperity in our pursuits. At Shubhra Designs, we are getting ready to create magical, fusion designs for more weddings. From the sketches and color stories to the bridal dresses and groom's mens outfits for the big day, our aim is to bring beauty and taste of the east meets west kind. Thank you for all those who have come to our website and made it a destination for bridal custom design! Here's to a great 2012

Sorboni Banerjee's wedding to Jarrod Holbrook, T.V. news anchors galore!!

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