November 2011- Sustainable Feasting and Responsible Gift giving!

We ended October with a snow storm this year. Halloween was postponed for the kids, our town went into an unheard of mode of no power, no heat and no internet in most homes! Trees, branches and debris was everywhere and still is in our yard. Given that the world economy is sputtering, political and economic instability rocks the globe and we are all looking to survive the year, what kind of gift giving will you be doing this year? For that matter, what kind of feasting? Might we suggest finding your local retailers, farms, vineyards and giving them your business? They will be very appreciative and in turn give back to the local community.

We have two shows lined up in the coming months.

Nov 17th- the Hastings School PTA Fundraiser- Holiday Marketplace.

Dec 8th- Lexington Education Foundation Multicultural Bazaar. This is an LEF fundraiser.

So do some guilt free shopping from our collection of wine bags, recycled plastic shopping bags and file folders, our organic cotton tees and silk scarves. Small but fabulous gifts that speak volumes about your responsible and sustainable shopping habits!

Our client Tina and her mother wearing during a family wedding!"

If you are looking for the one of a kind dresses made of recycled saris to wear to the holiday events you are going to, they are on sale now! So call or email for a special appointment to come and try them on! We have free shipping the months of November and December, we like to make your life easy!

Happy holidays from!

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