Happy New Year from www.shubrah.com and Fox 25 News!


If you are looking for some fashion advise this winter, catch our segment on Fox 25 News today!

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Happy Holidays and a Fabulous 2013 to All!

It's a snowy and icy day here as we approach the holidays at a rapid pace. We would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers, friends, family and supporters of Shubhra Designs and www.Shubrah.com. Without you, we would not be able to survive these tough years! We did a lot of events during the latter half of 2012 and showcased our designs at new events and venues. Some photos are included of the latest events we did.

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday season! Happy 2013!

Students at MIT modeling Shubrah.com fashions for the Sustainability Initiative fashion show. "Trashion" was amazing!
Models at MIT Trashion show
Trashion show- Shubrah showcase at MIT
Students at MIT designed amazing outfits with trash. I had the privilege to be a judge for this show called "Trashion". The creativity and use of waste materials was eye opening!
December also brought many birthdays to celebrate! The food and desserts at Elephant Walk were great, the company, fun!
Next we were at the LEF Multicultural Bazaar, in historic Cary Hall in Lexington! From dancers to designers, it was a fabulous and creative way to spread the word about Shubhra designs. All for a good cause, supporting LEF while we do it, too.
Baker's Blooms beautiful holiday cookies!
Colorful fan dance
Creative Musicians from Lexington and beyond!
The gorgeous ceiling at Cary Hall, Lexington

We all wish you a very happy and green 2013!
A holiday treat- cupcakes baked with little puppies on them!

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Turkey day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

We had an amazing night at the MIT KATwalk event which raises money for CASA- a non profit that helps children in need. The students did the modeling and the choreography. It was a pleasure to watch. A shout out to Flora and Jen for doing such a great job with coordination! Our designs looked great!
Pictures below.

KATwalk- MIT student fashion show

Beauty and brains at KATwalk!
Our silk men's shirts make you feel like Superman! An MIT student enjoying his modeling gig!
A stunning show of fashion and celebrity photography by Mario Testino at the MFA turned the AIF gala into an artistic adventure!

Sorboni Banerjee of Fox 25 news was the MC and did an amazing job at the MFA for AIF! All in our Ikat silk dress and Jungle me Mangle scarf!
This is how the students wear Shiv-er shirts! With style! Go MIT!

Who said you can't boogie in our fashions?

The men looked great in our shirts- stylish and brainy!

The Ikat silk dress and Jungle me mangle scarf combination is a winner at KATwalk!

The fashion show was a great success and the students looked amazing in Shubrah!
I will be one of the judges at the Miss India/ Teen USA pageants this weekend. Stay tuned for more pictures about this contest that will feature teens from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

Our next event is back at MIT with the Trashion show- on Dec 1st. Hope to see you all there. This is also a fundraiser and the idea is to show fashions that are sustainable and environmentally sound.

Friend and client, Hema wearing our Kala Phool dress and Chandra scarf and rockin' it!
Our dog as Super dog on Halloween! Resting in character!

On Dec 6th we will be at Cary Hall, Lexington. Selling our organic fashions and organizing this amazing Multicultural Bazaar for LEF. So come and shop for unique holiday gifts and watch local performers, sample unique foods and enjoy an afternoon and evening of being part of our multicultural community.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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October 2012- In festival mode!

October is ending on a stormy note in New England. Remember the freak snow storm last year? Well, it's a hurricane this time. However, fashion and food have an infinite draw making aficionados brave city traffic on week nights or block off their precious saturday evenings to mingle and feast. We had two every successful events in October. 

The show at the Blue Glass Cafe in Boston and the Fashion Revue-300 years of Lexington costume history in Lexington. Included are some pictures of the events. October also saw the descent of the Hindu mother goddess Durga (ten handed, riding a Bengal tiger) to earth to slay the demons that plague us mortals. She has been victorious and has returned to her mountainous home in the Himalayas with her Lord Shiva. Hindus in India celebrate this festival every year with great joy, food, music, drama and new clothing.
Back stage and waiting! Don't the boys look great in Shiv-er silk shirts?
We are all about braids, buns and vintage hairstyles circa 1800s!
Aveda did an amazing job with the hair and makeup at our fashion show at the Blue glass cafe!
Local and organic cuisine at its best at the Blue Glass Cafe 
Apps anyone?
Models in Shubrah showing off organic fashion and food as works of art at the Blue Glass cafe Green carpet show
Models back stage
The perfect show steeling outfit for a fall event!
How to wear winter white silk dresses? With our saffron blouson silk jacket of course!
The seasons' festive dress! Red and sparkly! Like a kid in a candy store!

Jackie O style! Retro chic and ready for any Garden Party!
Blue peacock silk jacket and the pleated black silk chiffon dress, effortless dressing on the runway or off.
Monochromatic colors - dress and scarf- you are good to go!
Variations of the silk garden party dress- it looks so different worn by the different models!
The food was as scintillating as the fashion!
The final bows at the Blue Glass cafe
Fantastic venue and menu! The Aah Taj! Dress floating around!
Back stage - models waiting!
Dressed and ready!

On November 3rd we will be at the AIF gala at the MFA. Sorboni Banerjee will be the Mistress of Ceremonies-our favorite on Fox 25 news. We are looking forward to this event to meet old friends and to make new connections. November 17th is the Musket Ball in Lexington and we will be donating some fashions towards an auction that will raise money for the town.

Our next event is in November, at MIT on the 9th. It is part of KATwalk, the fashion show raises money for a children's non-profit called CASA. We will be showing our fashions worn by the students at MIT and donating towards this worthy cause via an auction. Hope to see you on Nov 9th in Cambridge. December 1st another fashion show at MIT called "Trashion". Stay tuned for more details on that. With Diwali and Thanksgiving in November, we will all be cooking, partying, feasting and in need to new fashions, so look no further than our website. Here's to festival mode!

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Autumn in New England

Boston Fashion Week has started and fall is everywhere. From the colors of the fruits, leaves and flowers we draw inspiration for this season. Luscious oranges, lipstick reds, fir greens and floral purples. Clear blue skies and cold ponds. Crisp red and green apples, large sweet pumpkins and the smell of cinnamon in the air. 

Cups of tea during the cool mornings!
Walking the dogs! 

Hope you are ready with pumpkin creativity this time of year! 

The armchair traveller! When your world revolves this way! 

Last blooms of September

Views of the pond - last chance to see foliage before the trees are bare in October

Fall views by a pond 

Fall in New England means a warm scarf, a cup of tea and a good book! 

Paisley designs are back with a bang this fall, but they have always been part of our design philosophy! They are the essential element in Indian fabrics! 

Paisleys combine with fall fabrics to bring back formality and a more grown up aesthetic to holiday fashions

Fall leaves they are a changing
Beautiful autumnal weather as the leaves change color!
And to end this blog post- our obsession with orange (not only for this season) knows no bounds as we walk by the neighborhood bike/ coffee shop! 

We are toasting the season with an eventhttp://www.shubrah.com/event.do?onclickImage=Image45 on October 11th, Blue Glass --Green Carpet!. It will satisfy the gourmand and the fashionista in you! Presenting Shubrah fashions in an organic and local food Boston cafe, ( Blue Glass Cafe) as a fusion of responsible fashion and sustainable cuisine.

Please visit our website and the events page to catch up on our on going shows and sales this fall. Hope to see you all there in preparation for the many holidays around the corner!
Here's to the fall festivities!

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