January and a new 2012!

Planning in these rocky times is akin to gazing into a crystal ball. Will it a better year, financially? Is the weather going to be less turbulent? Are you going to get promoted or find a new job? Will we all exercise more, eat more organic foods and feel healthier? Who will you vote for? What causes will inspire you the most? Are we all going to become more involved in our local communities, give back and do some good globally? We would like to thank all our supporters and friends in the past few years who have helped spread the word, shopped our sales and referred us to friends. We could not have survived in these rough economic times without your help, a big THANK YOU for all your generosity of spirit, time and money! Our goal this year is to spread the word to reach more clients and people who are interested in fusion and eco-friendly fashions. Help us reach more bridal clients who are looking for something unique and fusion, custom designed to their needs.

We are designing our Spring/Summer collection currently as well as a fusion wedding this summer. We are very excited to be part of this wedding as it is going to take place on one our favorite Boston area beaches. More later once the wedding is done and we have sketches and photos to upload.

Photos from TIE Fashion Show

Yellow or Saffron jackets are all the rage with the organic cotton tees and scarves, layered!

Our organic cotton tees, unique scarves and silk jackets/ skirts are a perfect way to pack lightly and stylishly for Spring break!

Our 100% organic cotton tees are the perfect look for the beach vacation you are going to take in the winter or spring!

Fashion show for the Organic tee shirt collection- if you are looking for something unique to wear for your Winter break to a beach, slip into our Mishtee 100% organic cotton tees

Jan 28th, finds us donating and giving back to our local community. For our schools- the fundraiser event "Jeans and Jewels," catch us during the silent auction or dancing to the DJ on the floor.

April 5th- Fashionably LATE- Liberty Hotel, Boston, our Spring fashion show!

May - Expect our Trunk show and Sale, dates to be announced soon. Shop for all your graduation and wedding outfits and gifts! 10% of the sales will be donated to a local non-profit. Stay tuned.

We are also excited to be starting a wedding blog this year. More details on it once we get our writing, the wedding designs and photos organized enough to do that.
So here's to a fusion, successful, healthy, eco-friendly and design filled year for all of us!

Silk thread and textile weaving at the silk mill in Bangalore, India. The fabulous fabrics we use for our
creations begin here

Silk dyeing and weaving in Bangalore India.

Silk textile weaving looms in Bangalore, India

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